ISF Football World cup

China 2024

Dalian, P.R.China

May 17 to 27, 2024

#ISFsports #ISFfootball

Event Programme

ISF Football World Cup

ISF football competitions originate from ISF World School Championships (WSC), which have been organised 27 times in 51years starting back in 1972, with the last edition in 2023.

In 2022, at the occasion of 50th anniversary of ISF WSC Football, in order to reform ISF football events and to developanother flagship event of the ISF, the brand-new football event, ISF Football World Cup (FWC) was launched, with P.R. China obtaining the hosting rights of the first three consecutive ISF FWC in 2024, 2026 and 2028.

Inheriting the origins of the ISF WSC Football, ISF FWC is an event characterised by a balanced program between sport and educational content: the balance between sport and education is to create awareness about the role of sports in putting forward topics such as fair play, healthy lifestyle, respect,and inclusion.

ISF Football Events in History

About Dalian

Located on the east coast of the Eurasia continent and the southernmost tip of the Liaodong Peninsula in Northeast China, Dalian is a city with independent planning status and provincial-level economicadministration approval rights. It has aland area of 13,700 square kilometersand a population of 7.5 million.
Dalian is an open and inclusive harbor city with the port as its foundation and economic pillar for its development and prosperity. As Northeast Asia International Shipping Center, International Logistics Center, Regional Financial Center in Northern China, Dalian established shipping routes connecting over 160 countries and regions in the world.
Dalian is home to 3 national-level pilot zones for opening up, and has attracted 124 enterprises from the list of Global 500 and Top 100 enterprises of the industry. Many international conferences and events, including the Annual Meeting of the New Champions of the World Economic Forum, were or will be held in Dalian.

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