The U15 World School Sport Games: Full Steam Ahead!

While we welcome Wrestling into our competition schedule, it is already time to say goodbye to some sports. Some school athletes completed their competitions today and displayed amazing achievements in athletics, basketball 3×3, judo, karate and taekwondo. Hats off to them all!
Day 3 also brought us a very special moment for the orienteering community.
Let’s go to the summary of the day!


These young athletes once again displayed some wonderful performances. Be sure you don’t miss any results or highlights from today’s live stream of each category, it’s worth the detour!

ISF 2021 / Athletics – YouTube


The badminton contest saw the boys, girls and mixed doubles games today. One of the athletes spoke about how competing with a friend makes the match more intense.


Players had a lot of fun all together and still delivered us great matches to watch. Here are the results of the second day of the tournament.

UKRAINE 76 – 28 FRANCE (boys)

SERBIA 50 – 29 MONTENEGRO (girls)


CROATIA 30 – 60 UKRAINE (girls)


This was the last day of competition at Kalemegdan. We will surely miss the games! But for now, congratulations to all the teams and especially Uganda and Serbia, who did a great job!

And one last note on this busy and special day: The second team of India, from Sanskar School Jaipur, won the Fair Play Award! This special recognition is given to the teams that have great behaviour and express Olympic values on and off the court.

1UgandaSerbia (1)
2Serbia (1)Ukraine
3UkraineSerbia (2)
4Serbia (2)
5India (1)
7India (2)


Today, athletes competed for the ISF Friendship Blitz tournament. It was a great opportunity to learn new strategies from other countries, with players also developing their own skills.


We watched one more day of good football. Girls and boys delivered a great amount of goals!

BRAZIL 3 – 0 UKRAINE (girls)

UKRAINE (1) 5 – 0 UKRAINE (2) (boys)

PERU 0 – 3 SERBIA (boys)

FRANCE 2 – 1 UKRAINE (girls)


Of course the most important thing of this event is to have fun but, today, Ukrainian and Russian athletes made their mark by taking the most prestigious medals. Check the results of your national athletes here:


It was time for Ukraine to shine! The delegation goes home carrying 3 gold medals, out of a total of 4 different categories.


Today is the International Orienteering Day and, to celebrate this special date, we watched a friendship relay – athletes from different countries were put into teams and completed the course together. This is what sports are all about! All the results are here :


Once again the young swimmers showed great determination in every category today. Let’s have a look at the different results per category : 


Always a pleasure to watch some pure talent. These young athletes know how to play!


Young fighters delivered great bouts today. Some fights were really tight, but Ukraine, Russia and Serbia harvested most of the medals.


The ball is still rolling on in the group stage for volleyball. These are the results of the day:

GirlsNorth Macedonia02Ukraine


The Delegation of Ukraine was unbelievable by reaching at least every second place podium in every category. They won 7 gold medals out of 10.

What more can be said. Today was a success in every way, Unbelievable performances, young athletes having fun and it’s not over ! There is more to come. 

Tomorrow is a huge day for the event with the School Sport forum : The springboard for a healthy lifestyle taking place in Belgrade. Many important figures will be there to present the actions and vision of their respective organisations or ministries.With this event being broadcasted on youtube you can be there too!