35-strong Team P.R. China delegation lands in Normandy 2022

The People’s Republic of China were the first country to arrive for the ISF Gymnasiade Normandy 2022 in France.

A 35-member strong delegation from the Asian country arrived at the International Centre of Deauville (CID) for accreditation on Friday.

The Gymnasiade provides a unique opportunity for participants to build a pathway in their sport career by experiencing a high-level international multi-sport event, which also gathers some of the most respected and renowned International Sport Federations.

Known as the largest international multi-sport event for 16-18 years old school students, the 19th edition of the ISF Gymnasiade will be held in multiple cities across the Region of Normandy.

No less than 3,500 participants from 64 international delegations, spread over 17 disciplines (3 parasports), are meeting in Normandy for this global sporting and cultural mega-event.

The Chinese team will compete in nine sports including: Athletics, Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Dance Sport/Breaking, Fencing, Judo, Swimming, table Tennis and Taekwondo.

Prior to departing from Beijing on Thursday 12 May, Wang Dengfeng, a senior official with the Ministry of Education, told Xinhua news Agency that the biennial event is a good opportunity to showcase the mentality and sports level of contemporary middle school students in China. “We will go all out for the goal of staying safe and showing excellence and harmony,”

Team List – PR China

Athletics: Chen Yufan, Dong Ziang, Ge Tingshuo, Li Zixu, Liu Yuan, Lyu Haopeng, Pan Yijian, Wang Xiaobo, Zheng Donghang

Beach Volleyball: Huang Zehua, Lin Haoran

Boxing: Li Dongbo, Wang Haoyuan, Wei Huanyu, Zhu Bohao

Dance Sport/Breaking: Li Jiao, Qian Cheng, Tu Haowen, Yu Ziang

Fencing: Chen Muze, Jiang Qiyao, Lin Meifang, Zhang Qianshui

Judo: Hui Xinran, HurileTaoNa, Niu Xinran,

Swimming: Zhao Mingxin

Table Tennis: Deng Yirui, Li Yugang, Qiu Hongjun

Taekwondo: Li Wan, Miao Junyi, Wang Ruifan, Wu Weikang, Zhan Jing